Gallery of Maternity Photos

Capturing the Beauty of Your Maternity

To be pregnant is one of the most exciting and memorable periods of any woman’s life. From the warm glow of mom’s face to watching her baby bump expand with new life. That small baby bump keeps growing each month and the love of a mother-to-be for her baby intensifies, too. Many women want to hold these incredible moments with a Maternity Photography Session. We are committed to capturing the feelings you have at this special time and we are humbled to be included in the birth of your family. Won’t your little one just love to see you when you were carrying them?

There are many gorgeous locations in Hampton Roads that lend themselves as beautiful backgrounds. Consider the many beaches in Norfolk, Ocean View, Virginia Beach, and Sandbridge Beach. Our favorite Parks in Virginia Beach are:  First Landing State Park and Red Wing Park. In Chesapeake, Oak Grove Lake Park has trails as well as waterfront areas. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens offers a variety of options during most of the year. There are many portraits in our galleries that were taken from these areas.

Or you may wish to capture this experience in your life in your own home, where you will be raising your little one. Your nursery, family room, or the garden area could make a beautiful and intimate setting for you to remember for many years to come.

Special Fee for Maternity & Newborn Session

A Special:

A Maternity & Newborn Photography session in Studio with 1-5x7 portrait with each Session

2 Sessions, 2 Portraits and all for $149!

The days, weeks and months go by. There is a saying that the days are long and the years are short. It all goes by so quickly. Consider the stages that are important to you. Imagine bottling up those fleeting moments – tummy time, sitting up, standing, walking, playtime and mischief – and being able to look back at photographs of wonderful memories.

The first year in your child’s life is full of milestones.

A Special for your Child’s first Year:

4 Months, 8 Months &  12 Months
3 Sessions with 1-5x7 from each for $199


Maybe your desire is to include family members in your portraits. We have the backdrops and ample space to accommodate these important people in your life. Bringing new life into the world impacts more than just a mother and father to be.  If this baby is not your first, including your other children is a joy. They are excited too! 

Turn Around Time

When the images are available to be viewed, you will make an appointment at our studio.  We will be able to show you variations in Black and White, Color and Sepia. Our special software also allows us to show you images in exact sizes for wall portraits, gift portraits, and more.  Ordering appointments are generally scheduled within the week after your session and at your convenience. You will have the opportunity to place your print order at this time.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Your pregnancy is one of them! Documenting this special time in your life with gorgeous portraits is a great way to hold these memories dear for a lifetime.

More Info & Our Guarantee

To get an idea of what your session will be like, how we finish prints, and who we are, please view our video on YouTube: 

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Our job is to provide you with amazing images of your family that you will enjoy for many years. It’s important that you love your photographs and they bring joy to your life.

Our Commitment to Portrait Permanence

Have you had portraits of past generations given to you? It is a part of who you are and the legacy of your family line. It is also about heartwarming memories you have shared together. The portraits you create with our studio will be the keepsakes you hand down to your children and their children. A beautiful portrait can be small or large. What is important is its ability to tell a story that is personal and meaningful to you.

We are a studio that is based on the creation and production of beautiful images. It is a complete piece of art. There are many steps to the process. We take great care to handle each part of the process to give you the best quality. We want you wowed when you hold the final creations in your hands!

How will you keep and view these professional Portraits? Archival permanence needs to be strongly considered to insure you can enjoy your images for decades to come. This may sound counter intuitive to current thought, but beautifully created photographs are safest when they are in your hands instead of on a disc. Consider that the storage and management of digital files will increase dramatically every year for images that you are not enjoying. Thousands of images in dozens of folders stored across various machines and cloud platforms makes losing digital files a hard reality. Technology will change and you will need to update and change the formats of your existing files in the future, too. We are dedicated to physical images becauses digital images are easily lost, buried, corrupted or outdated. We have a commitment to your portrait permanence and that is why we put the final prints into your hands!